Thursday, March 18, 2010

Shooting with the Legends: Don Fargo

The Good
I've waited years to hear this one and it did not let me down.  Don Fargo is one of the most infamous rebels in pro-wrestling who anyone who spent time around can share crazy stories of and often do.  So, how about some tales from the man himself!  Don Fargo, at 70 years of age, basically goes on for two hours straight telling road stories, sharing dirt and laughing at all the messed up experiences he's had.  His era and the territories he worked are so rarely the focus of shoot interviews that this was fantastic to hear.  There are so many legendary characters from Sputnik Monroe and Lou Thesz to Jack Pfefer and Chris Colt that Don Fargo worked with first-hand that it'd be impossible to have a dull interview.

The Bad
I believe I missed the first part of this interview, but that's not really a valid knock, it just makes me sad.  Although I'm not one who hates road stories, this one was largely Fargo sharing his wacky life story with little insight.  It seems likely that Don Fargo has a deeper understanding of pro-wrestling psychology that was not delved into, which is unfortunate.  He talks some about gimmickry and such, but without a great deal of depth.  This could have been blow-away shoot, and I enjoyed it, but was a little disappointed.

The Rating: ****1/2

Enjoy some Don Fargo (at nearly 60 years of age!!) in the AWA in the mid-80s.

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