Thursday, September 8, 2011

Billy Jack Hayes [RF Video Shoot Interview]

The Good
One of the most infamous shoot interviews of all-time with one of the most bizarre people in the pro-wrestling world. Billy Jack Haynes is in tears within the first twenty minutes of this three-hour marathon and that tells you what kind of rollercoaster this was. Haynes was sexually abused as a child and that set in motion a sequence of events that drove him into mental instability, which is evident here. This has to be one of the most revealing and disturbing interviews that RF Video has ever done. Haynes talks about drug-running and suicide attempts in such graphic detail that you have to believe there is some truth to them. While it might detract from its believability and historical accuracy, the craziness displayed in this shoot certainly makes it memorable and worth catching once.

The Bad
There is a reason why RF Video followed this up with a shoot called "Conspiracy Theories." Billy probably makes more over-the-top allegations, never-before-heard accusations and hearsay-fueled assertions than any other person who has sat in front of that RF Video banner. While there are elements of truth in many of his comments, there are enough factually untrue statements throughout that any reasonable person would call into question the validity of many things he says. Without dwelling on them too much here are a few of the most salacious morsels: Eddie Graham wanted to literally kill Dusty Rhodes after he left Florida for Crockett; Buddy Rose swindled Billy Jack out of $10,000; Vince McMahon is the "Hitler of Pro-Wrestling"; and Brian Adams "ribbed" him by inviting him to travel from Portland to Texas for a fake WWF tryout. Hopefully that gives you an idea of the kind of statements that Billy Jack Haynes is making here. While the intimacy in this is legitimate to the point of being uncomfortable at times, this has riddled with enough holes that I would recommend this for its entertainment value than its historical value.

The Rating: ****