Tuesday, November 2, 2010

B. Brian Blair [RF Video Shoot Interview]

The Good
Brian Blair has managed to have some fringe relevance after retiring due to his political career, infamous altercation with his son that got some news and more infamously his role as the Iron Sheik's favorite target.  I feared this shoot interview would not give enough time to the noteworthy parts of his career to focus on those parts, but luckily it did not.  I've heard a few shorter interviews with him and new that he'd be a candidate for a solid interview with good stories and perspective, but this was much better than I anticipated.  Blair is really an excellent storyteller and he shares some of his classic like Paul Orndorff biting off Tony Atlas's ear that you may have heard before.  Brian Blair comes across as the most likable and honest guy as he describes himself being bullied as a child, weeping over misfortunes in his life and he gets choked up and emotional about a few individuals.  He just seems like genuine nice guy and you wonder how the Iron Sheik took to hating him the way he does.

The Bad
If you wanted to here Brian Blair cut a promo on the Sheik, you're not exactly going to get that.  Does he have choice words for him?  Yes.  Does he hold back?  Not really and actually makes a pretty touchy accusation.  I imagine many people, considering Brian Blair's recent news items, would be disappointed by the calm, cool and collected responses that Blair gives.  Many people might disagree with his thoughts on a variety of topics, but even if you think he probably was not the tough guy he makes himself out to be or if you disagree with idea of a flat-tax, you'd probably still see him as well-spoken and thoughtful.

The Rating: ****1/4