Monday, October 5, 2009

Ready to get rolling

A highly productive weekend.  I am now online at home and had some free time with my PC to get some HTML code business taken care of.  I also began adding company pages (World Class, Georgia Championship Wrestling and the like), so my regional pages are not so long and unruly.  I was able to add a few logos and just need some time at home to put up the actual rosters via HTML code (it's actually easier).

I am about 1/3 done uploading my pictures from my Geocities site, which is the only thing from there that I do not have backed up in some form.

Watched the Bodyslam documentary from TLC back in like 2002, so I'll have to get my review of that up soon.  Crazy to see Samoa Joe in UPW, Test (whose since died) and Drzan (a female featured, whose husband was American Galdiator Mailbu~!), who died about a year after this was put out.  I was also saddened to see Nathan Jones, who was never very good, but he sure had charisma, a great look and a helluva story.  Also, does anyone know what happened to Mikey Henderson?

Stay tuned