Sunday, August 8, 2010

John Nord [RF Video Shoot Interview]

The Good
I think anyone who is strongly associated with individuals in pro-wrestling who either don't do interviews or cannot do interviews (because they have passed away) are always going to have some interest no matter how marginal that person is.  If a guy who worked security for the Von Erichs in World Class or someone who worked as a referee for Killer Kowalski can make for an interesting interview than whose to say who is really deserving of interviews.  John Nord had some success as the Barbarian, the Berzerker and such, but what makes him really interesting is the people he grew up with, worked alongside and got to know in the business.  A childhood friend of Curt Hennig, a later friend of high school rival Road Warrior Hawk and a partner and close buddy of Bruiser Brody, John Nord has known some remarkable people who have passed on.  He is a goofy dude though and while I'm suspicious of some things he says, he certainly can tell some funny and interesting stories.  Whether it's Dusty Rhodes' "muffler," Curt Hennig's legendary ribs or the lockerroom brawl with Butch Reed that is well-known, John Nord had some fresh material for sure.

The Bad
John Nord could be the most sincere and honest person ever, but my gut thinks otherwise.  Not that he's necessarily lying, but if you'd never seen him or heard much about him, you'd be wondering why.  He was basically a midcard talent who got a few solid pushes here and there.  He was friends with a lot of people, he was an impressive looking big man with some athletic ability, he had several key chances to get over.  It never happened.  The few things I've heard people (Bill Watts, Gary Hart and a couple others) mention in other shoots have never been overly flattering.  This is a fun shoot interview to listen to, but I'd definitely take it with a grain of salt.

The Rating: ****