Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Stone Cold Truth - Audio Version

Author, Ghost Writer, Editor: Steve Austin, Jim Ross, Dennis Brent
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Publishers
Released: 10/03

The Good
I'd never done the audio book thing before and actually ordered it by accident, but it was a fun alternative. Austin and J.R. narrate, which is fine. They are redoing the book and are half in character, which is fine. Not as dynamic as you'd like, but the parts where Austin is funny, the audio makes it seem that much funnier. The part about he and Jeannie feuding with Chris and Toni Adams stands out to anyone I've talked to about it as being laugh-out-loud funny and so is his impression of the Undertaker.

The Bad
This is obviously an abridged version, so there is a fair amount lost. Austin's story is pretty well-known by most wrestling fans at this point and not much is revealed here that many wouldn't already know about. He isn't as venomous as you might expect and any heat he has towards people like Owen Hart, Jeff Jarrett and WWF creative is not really voiced, making this seem neither "stone cold" nor the whole "truth." While this is better than most of the WWF/WWE's autobiography releases, it is not what I think it should be. Again this was a 2 hour audio version, not the full-length book.
The Rating: **1/4