Saturday, September 4, 2010

Youshoot with the Honky Tonk Man [Kayfabe Commentaries]

The Good
The Honky Tonk Man was the ideal person to debut the Youshoot series. Although the wacky and even spiteful submissions were not as plentiful in this one, it certainly sold you on the greatness of this series. HTM really comes across as honest and even bitter to an extent, but unlike people like Paul Orndorff, Ole Anderson and Billy Jack Haynes, you do not end up really disliking him. He is, at least in my opinion, hilarious with all his voices and facial expressions that make him a great storyteller. Mud-slinging can get tedious, but Honky just spews it in such a way that you cannot help but love it. And no one seems to be immune to his wrath. Billy Gunn was worthless, Blackjack Lanza was two-faced, Ric Flair was "woooo" a repetitive "woooo" cartoon character, Dynamite Kid is a lying bully, Hulk Hogan was a huge druggie, Jim Ross was a sabotager and on and on. Honky Tonk is very open about his own drug use, promiscuity and limitations as a worker, which allows him so credibility when he rips on others. I still question whether or not he is not working everyone (like the Iron Sheik is).

The Bad
I never liked Honky Tonk Man as a worker, I still don't care for him, yet he was gifted in so many ways. Talking, his strong suit, allows him to get himself over regardless of his physical abilities. He is undoubtedly getting himself over here. He is very careful in what he says and while he may not be entirely accurate or even fair, he says things with a conviction that gets him over. Part of me feels like I get swept up in that charismatic delivery and sometimes I fail to see the gaping holes in his statements. That being said, this is wildly entertaining.

The Rating: *****