Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rocky Johnson Shoot Interview [RF Video]

The Good
If you take a well-travelled and opinionated ex-wrestler and put him in front of a camera he can generally produce a solid shoot interview. Rocky Johnson worked in most major and several minor territories in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, he saw great successes and some disappointments, so why should this not be a fascinating shoot? Even with RF's standard questions, constant name association and fixation on chronology, Johnson is able to pull the listener in with some great tales and bold thoughts. He is honest about those people he disliked, distrusted and disassociated from because they were crooks, racists or two-faced backstabbers. Without seeming bitter or angry, Rocky Johnson is able to tell much of his story. I also felt the parts involving The Rock were kept to a respectful level considering that Rocky has his own legacy.

The Bad
Sometimes these shoot interviews are just long and tedious with little new information, few stories of interest and nothing of great value. This was not one of those, but it did seem to fall short in a way. Rocky Johnson was pretty frank and while he was not the most entertaining interview, he certainly had plenty to say. I actually had pretty low expectations for this, despite Johnson's extensive and well-travelled career. It was, as expected, lacking in both direction and depth. Rob Feinstein was his usual self, all over the place with obvious holes in his(?) research and no follow-up to questions. You could tell that Rocky Johnson, if challenged and guided, could be an intriguing interview. Let's hope somebody of note gets ahold of him.

The Rating: ***3/4