Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Age Outlaws [RF Video Shoot Interview]

The Good
Tandem shoots are dangerous and while these two share talking time, they seem to be really goofy.  The Road Dogg (B.G. James) is admittedly high and absolutely hilarious in his comments about his own financial state, Bret Hart calling them "midcarders" and so on.  Billy Gunn (Kip James) is a goofball and plays off well with Road Dogg, who enhances this interview with his humor.  The issues I had with the Billy Gunn solo shoot are still there, but either not to the same level or Road Dogg's stoned joking is able to compliment it well.  This is a really fun interview and if you like these two guys or are really interested in the Attitude Era, I would recommend this one.

The Bad
Billy Gunn's shoot interview done a while before this, drove me up the wall.  He was bitter, angry, arrogant and laughed off legit questions.  This one is not quite as angry, but the goofiness that permeated throughout is just as present here.  It might be even worse because he and Road Dogg feed off one another.  While they rightfully knock the interviewers as being poor, they don't exactly carry the load.  This is fun in many ways and I enjoyed it, but found the lack of depth to be very frustrating.

The Rating: ***3/4