Friday, April 5, 2013

Foley is Good
Author, Ghost Writer, Editor: Mick Foley
Publisher: HarperEntertainment 
Released: 6/02 

The Good
Have a Nice Day definitely plays a role in the pro-wrestling world that make it one of the biggest, if not the biggest, contributions in the fabled career of Mick Foley. A book of immense size, amazing detail and distinct humor, it is no wonder that the book became so popular. How would he follow up such a masterwork? In a "good," although perhaps not great, work. If you liked or even loved Have a Nice Day, you will probably enjoy this just as much. His formula did not change drastically with the exception of a few stylistic additions. If you took out those parts, this would probably be a less than impressive follow-up because it would lack the scope and legacy that the first stunned the world with. Those additions, Mick Foley showing how the real world is more fake than pro-wrestling, are excellent. He analyzes the book industry, Hollywood, deaths blamed on pro-wrestling, the PTC and its head Brent Bozell as well as other topics in hopes of showing the pro-wrestling world has some credibility that is often overlooked. These sections are not always out-of-the-park homeruns, but they are different and show great insight.

The Bad
Have a Nice Day is the Gorgeous George of pro-wrestling books. It was so unique, so special and got over so strong that its legacy is etched in stone. However, like George, its excellence fizzled out quickly, its billing as the "greatest book ever on pro-wrestling" was soon overtaken by others and its entertainment value was overtaken by more entertaining competition. Foley is Good is not pathetic, it is respectable. It is Gorgeous George Jr., not Buddy Rogers as Mick Foley might have hoped. There have been funnier, smarter and more insightful books since and this looks second-rate in comparison to its predecessor and some of the other stellar pro-wrestling books out there. The autobiographical parts are hit-or-miss just as they were with Have a Nice Day. The humor is sophomoric and repetitive just as it was in Have a Nice Day. This is "good," it is not great.

The Rating: ***3/4