Monday, March 15, 2010

Debra Marshall Shoot Interview [Highspots]

The Good
Shoot interviews with some unlikely people can provide unique insight and perspective on the business.  I've heard interviews with peripheral figures like the Von Erich's bodyguard, independent referees and various friends of pro-wrestlers that were more interesting than some of the sport's biggest names.  I hoped this one with Debra would fall into that category.  At times, it did.  Her comments on Steve "Mongo" McMichael (whose never done a shoot that I know of), Jeff Jarrett (who sparingly does them) and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (who selectively does them) were all interesting.  She has led an unusual career and her viewpoint reflected that.  This had its moments.

The Bad
Part of the reason I had to reduce Debra to a fringe personality was because her actual tenure in the sport was so brief, often so minor and undeveloped made her seem like such a character.  She did not grow up a fan, she did not really express that she was a fan and she never seemed like she was into much more than getting on TV and being a star.  Most of those comments could be untrue, but they probably are not.  This lacked depth for the most part and it did not really make you want to see or hear any more Debra when it was over.

The Rating: ***

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