Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Godwinns (Henry & Phineas) RF Video Shoot Interview

The Good
For all the rambling and incoherence, this interview had some interesting nuggets in there.  Personally, the vague description by Dennis Knight (Phineas Godwinn) of the BKS group (a group similar to the Kliq) was of great insider interest.  Although it seems that in his state he may have left out key details and members, basically he and Mark Canterbury (Henry Godwinn), the Undertaker, Yokozuna, Rikishi, Savio Vega and a few others looked out for one another as a group.  It is funny because other than Rikishi, none of these people can or probably will do an interview of this nature.  There are some interesting road stories, but the quality of this is seriously hampered by...(see below).

The Bad
Excessive drinking, possible pot-smoking, Rob Feinstein and a couple pro-wrestlers does not necessarily mix.  When Rob asks, "What about the Outlaws?" and no one including Rob can remember Road Dogg, then the credibility of this shoot interview went in the crapper.  Dennis Knight has to take the award for the most rambling shoot interview in history.  He starts stories that go off in other directions and ultimately never end.  What's worse is RF cannot keep track of them.  Basically Phineas likes/loves, yet also hates/doesn't think much of: Tammy Sytch, the Road Warriors, the Harris Twins and a few other random people.  He loathes Ric Flair, but you never really understand why.  He and Mark got more ass on the road than most anyone and somehow he can tie that to a sentimental story about visiting quadriplegic children.  Canterbury got a few words in here and there, but was repeatedly interrupted and edged out of the conversation by Knight.  I'm sure some people would enjoy this, but those same people probably enjoy train-wrecks with Iron Sheik, Missy Hyatt and New Jack.

The Rating: ***

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