Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guest Booker with Jerry Jarrett [Re-Booking WCW in 2000]

The Good
Jerry Jarrett is widely considered one of the great minds in pro-wrestling and here he has the chance to demonstrate. This episode, like many of the others, does not consist entirely of fantasy booking, as Sean Oliver is always trying to get at the nuts and bolts of booking. Jerry Jarrett definitely explains the core of his booking approach and offers up some examples where that was successful and why that psychology works. He also waxes philosophical and it makes you wonder, why am I listening to this and not spending time with my family? Luckily, I was on my evening commute home and they eventually got back to the rasslin'. This is pretty good, but I honestly expected more.

The Bad
The Guest Booker series seems so hit-or-miss. I think someone could easily come away from this thinking Jerry Jarrett is out-of-touch, too old-fashioned and too Southern in his approach. Would I have wanted to see the cards he builds here? Not especially, but his logic is sound and you begin to believe that he could have really picked WCW's activity up in 2000. I doubt it would have been any worse than what we got!

The Rating: ***3/4


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