Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nick Bockwinkel [RF Video Shoot Interview]

The Good
One of the best on the microphone, Nick Bockwinkel's trademark cadence and use of "50 and 75 cent words" plays so well in a format of this nature. While he's teased as being too long-winded, in this arena, that is what you often want. Despite his age, Bockwinkel is sharp as a tack and his memory and ability to work a story as good as he could work a match. Some of his stories are rehashed, some of his opinions are brought up again and some of his credentials are reexamined, but he manages to keep it fresh. Tales of Yukon Eric, thoughts on Verne Gagne, insight into how the WWF expansion differed from the AWA's show some of the variety that this interview brings out. The randomness of questions in RF Video shoots that drives me crazy provides some neat little bits of information that might not have been brought out otherwise.

The Bad
Compared to many other interviews that Nick Bockwinkel has done, this one was extremely disorganized. Other than the beginning and end concentrating on the beginning and end of his his career, this was all over the place. Smart Mark Video did such a stellar interview with him a few years back that anything else seems like it could not help but fall short.

The Rating: ****1/4

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