Thursday, July 14, 2011

Timeline of the WWE - 2000 - Rikishi

The Good
The Timeline series has so much potential and if the right people are chosen they can really provide some good insight or at the very least a unique perspective on the year in question. Rikishi seems like a pretty honest guy and much of this focuses on his particular experiences in the year 2000. Sean Oliver is a fantastic interviewer and he pulls a solid interview out of someone who might not be the best interview. He poses some pretty standard questions, covers some key figures and throws in a few hardballs. This was a fun interview and, in my opinion, one of the better jobs by Sean Oliver.

The Bad
The fault of the Timeline series, which I've stated before, is that they often leave out a lot because of the narrow focus of a single. Rikishi had probably the biggest year of his career, but a lot of this focuses on his career before and after 2000. He also is not particularly insightful about the goings-on in the WWF at this time. I've never heard an extensive interview with Rikishi, but this did not convince me to seek one out. He was affable and all, he is probably a fun dude to have a beer with, but shoot interviews are not his thing. This was a good idea, but I'm three in and this series has yet to improve. C'mon Superstar Graham!

The Rating: ***1/2

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