Sunday, April 4, 2010

Brickhouse Brown Shoot Interview

The Good
Drugs, rats and mud-slinging - what more could you want?  Brickhouse Brown holds very little back (he eludes to a pending autobiography) and seemingly no one is immune.  Some could surely celebrate his honesty and it makes for a shoot interview that you don't want to turn off.  From Texas to Tennessee and Mid-South to Mid-Atlantic, Brickhouse Brown worked throughout the Southern territories and he has many experiences to share.  This is unique shoot and one worth at least a single listen-through even for all its obvious issues.

The Bad
I saw this originally being compared to the Iron Shiek, Jamie Dundee and Billy Jack Haynes crowd of shoot interviews, which intrigued me. Brickhouse Brown is every bit as vulgur, arrogant and, at times, as wretchedly beat down by the business as those three.  Obviously, there are holes in his reflections and lofty claims about his own ability and importance.  While one could pick those apart, it seems that the over-the-top nature of this shoot interview is its selling point and without that (fabrications and all) it would be forgettable.

The Rating: ****

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