Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks

Author, Ghost Writer, Editor: Mick Foley
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
Released: 10/00

The Good
This was the book that started it all. Realistically, the success of this well-written autobiography opened the flood gates as pro-wrestling fans had long been considered illiterate rednecks. This has the wit and wisdom to make it better than almost all the WWF/WWE books that have followed because it had a degree of freedom those books have not. Foley covers not only the bulk of his career in great detail, but much of his private life as well. Obviously it covers a longer stretch of time including his runs in Territories/Indies, Japan, WCW, ECW and his first two WWF years. That covers a lot with the best stories and probably a wider range of personalities.

The Bad
Mick Foley's private life has mixed ramifications. His youth gets tedious because you want a book to have a strong and interesting intro and his is not unlikely many of our own as life-long wrestling fans. Obviously late-coming fans will not enjoy this as much as fans who've liked Foley forever, but that's what his second book is for. Like most autobiographies he shows bias towards and against people that have undoubtedly altered fans views of notable stars. There's not many negatives I can point about this book.

The Rating: ****3/4


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