Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Steve Blackman Shoot Interview [RF Video]

The Good
Steve Blackman has been seen as an un-charismatic and un-exciting pro-wrestler for sometime, but here he shows that he is a well-spoken ambassador for the sport.  He did, in fact, make respectable public appearances in the wake of the Benoit tragedy.  A legitimate and consummate athlete, Blackman is able to talk in great detail about his training, his martial arts, his interest in MMA and such.  Those aspects, which are central to his lifestyle, make this unique and, at times, fascinating.  His health ordeals, especially the bout with dysentery/malaria that almost killed him, are thoroughly explained.  He is a great storyteller and while he's not really funny or exciting, he really draws you in with his explanations.  This is an extremely underrated shoot interview that most people would find enjoyable.

The Bad
A legitimate knock on recent shoot interviews is that they go after the most recent stars and here is Steve Blackman, a WWF midcarder, getting this platform when a number of yesterday's forgotten are overlooked.  I'm sure people could find this dull and boring, but if you enjoyed the WWF Attitude Era, you would probably like this.

The Rating: ****

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