Sunday, June 10, 2018

Paul Jones [Highspots Shoot Interview with George South]

Paul Jones  [Highspots Shoot Interview with George South]

The Good
I've always enjoyed shoot interviews conducted by other workers because there is a natural camaraderie that comes through and that usually makes up for the lack of hard-hitting questions (which does not really exist in the pro-wrestling shoot interview universe). George South, a veteran journeyman of the Mid-Atlantic area, admits that Paul Jones was and is his favorite wrestler of all-time and he marks out continuously throughout this interview. The upside is that South is a really insightful person into the business and he is able to conduct a solid interview with the kayfabing Jones that I don't think others would have gotten. In addition to having a long-time relationship, South knows the career of Paul Jones very well and that makes this better than a great many RF Video shoots. This was a very different kind of shoot interview, even different from those I've heard Jim Cornette, Raven and Steve Corino conduct. This is good and I think most people, especially fans of the Mid-Atlantic and JCP days, would really enjoy this.

The Bad
Kayfabing in shoot interviews never plays well. Paul Jones does not seem uncomfortable in discussing things, but he does not use any lingo ("booing" instead "heat," "matchmaker" instead of "booker" as a few examples), never really gets into the backstage details and talks in vague terms quite a bit. I question if this was conducted by someone other than George South (I'd never heard of a Paul Jones shoot before this) whether or not this would have any value. He is not out to bury anybody and avoids openly wielding arrows toward Dusty Rhodes, Manny Fernandez and a couple others than he had issues with. He puts himself over quite strongly and while I don't question his popularity in the Southeast, you want to question some of his claims here. Overall this was worth a listen and while I was disappointed, it could have been much, much worse.

The Rating: ***1/2

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