Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bob & Brad Armstrong [RF Video Shoot Interview]

The Good
Bob Armstrong is one of the old-timers who still kayfabes and it seemed that it took getting him to sit down with his son Brad to get him to let his guard down. Although he wasn't all into using the lingo and such, he basically broke character and told the true stories behind some legendary angles and events. Bob was fairly reserved and Brad, who I think is a great interview in the shoot format, helps to keep the conversation going. There is a lot of focus on Bob's early career, how his children (specifically Brad) was impacted by his father's career and their time teaming together in Georgia and elsewhere. In spite of the usual RF Video limitations, this was really good and really informative. I think Bob Armstrong, if sitting down with the right person (Les Thatcher and the Ringside Rap crew?), could be an extremely informative and reflective interview. His statement about most territories only having a 5-year lifespan (or high period) has largely rung true when I've applied it and he had several other nuggets like that throughout.

The Bad
Brad Armstrong has already done an extensive RF Video shoot interview, so really this was more a vehicle to get "The Bullet" to shoot. They tried to include Brad, which makes sense, but you really wanted to hear about and from Bob (although Brad was much more entertaining). If it didn't happen after 1977 in the top territories, then RF Video seems not to have much information about it. Obviously, the Armstrongs run in Georgia when the cable push was changing the game is worthwhile, but the Southeastern/Continental discussion was grossly limited here. No talk of the Flame (Jody Hamilton), Ken Lucas, Buddy Colt and only a little talk of the Fullers, Jimmy Golden, Jerry Stubbs and other legendary stars of the Alabama region. This was "good," but it was really only scratching the surface.

The Rating: ****

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