Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tito Santana [RF Video Shoot Interview]

The Good
What Tito Santana lacks in humor and controversy, he makes up for in having some distinct and sharp criticisms of his peers. You cannot say he is negative and other than Ole Anderson, he doesn't bury anyone, but Santana has a respectable perspective that he is willing to share. He explains how New York was the best place for a pro-wrestler to refine their skills, how Bruno was a better draw than Hulk, why the Hart Foundation and British Bulldogs were "green" before coming to the WWF, how he knew his "El Matador" gimmick had no steam from the outset. Tito Santana is kind of an unsung hero of the Rock-N-Wrestling era, but he was consistently good performer and shows that he had a great mind for the business and specifically the WWF market. While the quality of this particular interview was hindered by Rob Feinstein, it is a good sampling of why Tito is a worthwhile interview to seek out.

The Bad
I understand that many RF Video shoots are done late at night or early in the morning, during conventions, so everyone is tired. However, there are times when Rob is just not paying attention and his questions are so disjointed that it is maddening. Tito Santana is not the most charismatic person and his interviews are best when he gets into his perspectives on different people and events. When he talks about how Bruno Sammartino was very approachable and would off advice, do not ask him immediately after if Bruno was all about himself! This is sometimes an issue, but here it seemed painful obvious and insultingly recurrent throughout this interview. Not knowing your history is one thing, but at least know how to progress an interview. If you've never heard the amazing My Side of the Story with Tito and Greg Valentine, you might think this is excellent, but this is simply not as great as it could've been.

The Rating: ****

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