Saturday, April 23, 2011

Terry Gordy [RF Video Shoot Interview]

The Good
Shot about a year before his death in 2001, this is one of RF Video's earlier shoots and while I am happy it exists, I'm saddened that it is so poor. This was back when RF Video would have a shoot and tack on some matches and I'll just say the Japanese matches they included certainly saved this from being an utter failure. Terry Gordy's sharpness had been altered by a drug-induced coma in 1993 and you can tell it here. He does however have some worthwhile stories and thoughts to share that are made more important by the fact this is the only shoot interview that he did (that I know of) before his untimely death.  Doug Gentry really saves the questioning side of things (although "saves" might be a bit strong) by having a working knowledge of All Japan Pro-Wrestling, so that part is not left out completely.

The Bad
Everybody is a "good guy," every match was "easy" and every negative "do you think he…?" is answered with a "yeah, he sure was." It is maddening. Although Terry was not exactly talkative and did not have stories springing to mind, this was such a barrage of vague questions, closed comments and loaded inquiries that anyone would have struggled. After ten minutes, they've already covered breaking in, partnering up with Michael Hayes, forming the Freebirds trio and blinding the Junkyard Dog. They spend more time of his ECW run than that initial Mid-South run!! I can say that RF Video's quality has improved across the board, but not by the leaps and bounds I would have hoped for.

The Rating: **3/4

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