Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame - The Canadians

Author, Ghost Writer, Editor: Greg Oliver
Publisher: ECW Press
Released: 10/02

The Good
Greg Oliver is an excellent pro-wrestling journalist and this, the first in the "Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame" series is a nice sampling of the work he has been doing for years on his Slam! Wrestling website. This book is more of an encyclopedia of Canadian and adopted Canadian wrestlers than what future installments would be. Oliver top twenty listing could raise eyebrows, but nothing is grossly omitted, overlooked or downplayed. If you've never browsed his site, this is great original content with interview tidbits, anecdotes and well-researched history. A sound first attempt.

The Bad
"Hall of Fame" books are always full of subjectivity that irks everyone. While I have read some of the flaws of this book, it is generally good. I think its limitations are in its depth. However, Oliver had to choose between a wide variety of people to profile or great depth in those profiles and he chose the former. His top twenty had the depth I enjoyed, but was not on par with the mini-biographies in Dave Meltzer's Tributes books. Although this is okay, his future books make this look amateurish.
The Rating: ***3/4


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