Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lita: A Less Traveled R.O.A.D. (audiobook)

Author, Ghost Writer, Editor: Amy Dumas, Michael Krugman
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
Released: 7/04

The Good
Amy Dumas's life story is an interesting one and her character has connected with so many young women and this is the WWE trying to capitalize on all that. Her pre-wrestling life as a punk rock stripper is unique and this audiobook brings that to life. The pro-wrestling stuff is good lip service and most Lita fans will enjoy it for what it is.

The Bad
Lita's story is interesting. This book breaks down into three basic sections: life before pro-wrestling, the pro-wrestling life and her comeback from a broken neck. The first part is glazed over and could definitely be fascinating, but doesn't do what it could. The second part is her running down her four year career from Mexico to indies to ECW to the WWF. It's all very rushed and lacks both depth and the quality anecdotes to make up for that. The third part is her doing the Dark Angel TV show, breaking her neck, the saga afterwards and the surgery and recovery. This has a lot of real emotion and saves this book from being terrible. Then the comeback...oh wait, it doesn't happen. Due to her never really having a quality in-ring comeback, her character never regaining its footing and the hasty release of this book, this story seems so incomplete. It has the potential and maybe future additions can make it a full story, but for now it is just disappointment. This audiobook version probably detracts from the first two parts and adds to the third with mixed results.

The Rating: **

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