Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ron Garvin Shoot Interview [Highspots]

The Good
Ron Garvin can talk...and talk...and talk. If you like a shoot interview where the interviewer gets a few questions in and the next hour is story after story, opinion after opinion until it's over. Ronnie waxed nostalgic about breaking in, coming to the US and some of his successful runs in different areas. Most of the time was spent however with a philosophical lecture that included: success, happiness, society degrading and other weighty topics. It is interesting and not at all what I expected.

The Bad
Due to Ron Garvin's nonstop diatribes, his run with Terry and Jimmy, his time in Knoxville, his time with the ICW and even his run with the Crocketts and later the WWF are all cut short or left out. If you want that classic chronological interview, this ain't it. Garvin rambles and gives some pretty strong opinions about mainly different parts of our culture. I was disappointed by the lack of information on specific territories, angles and characters, but the trade off was not completely worthless.

The Rating: ****

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