Monday, June 21, 2010

Inside the Office - Rene Goulet

The Good
There are only a handful of people who have worked in the capacity that Rene Goulet has in the WWF and few of them have had extensive shoot interviews. Many of the company's more recent road agents have only had short runs, little authority or limited varieties of experience. Goulet had a strong run with the Fed from the mid-80s until the mid-90s and has great experiences to draw upon. The main focus seems to be on running things during house shows, reporting back to the office and gauging good shows from bad ones. This has a lot of inside info that you may never hear otherwise.

The Bad
For the uniqueness and longevity, I expected so much more here. Sean Oliver is great at pulling a quality interview out of almost anyone, but this just did not click for some reason. Goulet hinted at some things and seemed fairly honest, but was unwilling to say anything too juicy, controversial or of great interest really. This had a few good stories and some worthwhile information, but was pretty dull and that probably explains why it clocked in at under two hours.

The Rating: **3/4

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