Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gypsy Joe Shoot Interview [Highspots]

The Good
Gypsy Joe is more than just the oldest active pro-wrestler in history and the man who was assaulted by New Jack on an indy show, he is a man who has traveled the world and experienced a great number of things.  His tales of working around Tennessee, battling Rusher Kimura in Japan and getting screwed over time and time again make for some unique listening material.  While criticizing George Gulas, Shawn Michaels and Jerry Lawler is not unusual, Gypsy Joe actually knocks Harley Race and some other people that would surprise you.  He definitely had an distinct career that has led him to his distinct perspective on the business and his place in it.

The Bad
Generally, pro-wrestler's backstories are over-covered, bland or unimportant, but when Gypsy Joe's childhood and late start in the business are not really covered, I became intrigued.  Coming up as a Latin-American and trying to get a break seems like a hard luck story that you'd want to hear, but he does not really touch upon it.  Instead, he goes on about how he is so tough, worked on top everywhere and how innovative he was.  Without undermining his true accomplishments, Gypsy Joe needed to be much more honest for me to take him seriously.  Instead, he sounds like what "El Guapo" Bas Rutten would sound like if he really was Spanish with all the accented nonsense he spews.  He hints at bitterness, disappointment and anger, but all along puts himself over again and again.  Once New Jack's name is brought up, he gets all fired up and is never able to bring it back down.  These qualities really brought this down into the mediocre category.

The Rating: ***

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