Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New direction for this "blog"

I recently realized that a lot of my old material is no longer available since Geocities was killed off by Yahoo!, so I've decided to start putting my media reviews up on this blog. They were getting to be too much for my previous single-page organization, so this seems like a natural evolution.

I will include:
- OLD reviews, perhaps I'll even dig up some from my long abandoned pro-wrestling video site
- NEW reviews, continuing forward with perhaps some new twists

My content will include:
- Documentaries - from the WWE revisionist history ones to the The Wrestling Channel's "Icons" series
- Books - mainly autobiographies, but an serious, kayfabe-free works
- Matches - while not extensively for time constraint reasons, I'd love to start recommending and directing people towards legendary or simply great stuff (perhaps Youtube videos, so we can all enjoy them)

I may include:
- Shoot interviews - I listen to so many hours, it seems foolish to not mention some of these
- Websites/Wikis/Blogs - I've poured over so much online content, I feel I need to give more kudos to those who I gather info from.
- Music videos - There are so many out there, many good, many bad, but the standouts should be recognized.

I will not include:
- Current product (i.e. WWE, TNA, ROH, Japan, Mexico, etc.) - unless something REALLY catches my attention because I do not closely follow these anymore.
- Tape traders - I used to roll with this crowd and depended on it for a long time, but not much anymore and therefore my opinions would be outdated.
- Toys, clothing, belts, etc. - this simply is not my thing.
- Live show reviews - I have nothing against live shows, but they've not fit into my schedule since 2004.

With those parameters set...ENJOY!

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