Wednesday, January 20, 2010

KC Guest Booker - Jim Cornette "Re-booking the Invasion"

The Guest Booker series is really hit-or-miss. The goal of Kayfabe Commentaries is to expose the creative mind of the booker. Some do well, some do not. While the scenarios are getting better, the pool is theoretically diminishing.

Jim Cornette is a shoot interview god. He is vulgur, he is honest, he is funny, he is insightful, he flings mud, he gives great compliments to his peers and that is why this one was a must-see. He rants and raves, but really gets at the core of several issues. One is booking vs. writing. One is the "funny doesn't draw money" concept. Another is the idea of building young talent and long-term vision in a company. Unlike other guest bookers, Corny did some homework. He did enough to make a good showing, but not so much that his thought process is not on display.

Cornette, along with J.J. Dillon, Raven, Bill Watts and a select few others is one of those shoot interviews that I want to never end.

This is the proverbial "lightning in a bottle."

Rating: *****

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