Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Missy Hyatt [Wrestling Universe Shoot Interview]

The Good
Missy Hyatt is one of those rare people who despite having little or nothing to do with pro-wrestling anymore, not supplying much insight and a less than legendary career keeps getting brought onto radio shows and asked to do shoot interviews? The reason being that Missy Hyatt loves to fling mud and loves to talk about all the sex and drugs in the business. Shockingly, Missy never entirely comes across as bitter, but rather as someone who will dish the dirt and makes no bones about who she likes, who she dislikes and what opinions she has of everyone else. The WrestlingUniverse shoot series is exceptional and they largely throw softballs at Missy, so she can hit jaw-dropping homeruns (if you've never heard Missy Hyatt before). She says who screwed who, who she screwed, who she did not screw and who she owes favors. You'll learn about certain pro-wrestler's abilities, inabilities and adequacy. You'll learn about valet's drug problems, man problems and attitude problems. It is a free-for-all with the only caveat being she does not want to spoil her book (which was about what you'd expect).

The Bad
If you've never heard Missy, than you'd probably dig this. If you've heard her on WOL or a tame radio show, you'll probably notice she's a bit more colorful. If you've heard her YouShoot or some other shoots (RF Video, SmartMark Video, etc.) than this will probably seem like more of the same. She puts people over, but rarely specifies their good qualities usually just that they were "nice" or "smart." Conversely, she often buries people like Kevin Sullivan, Tony Anthony and Jeff Jarrett for no apparent reason and does not validate her thoughts with examples of being wronged. In the overall scope of her shoots, I'd rate this as "above average." I must insert though, you have to enjoy listening to the kind of interview she does.

The Rating: ***1/2

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