Saturday, January 21, 2017

Original Midnight Express [RF Video Shoot Interview]

The Good
Dennis Condrey is one of those great shoot interviews that needs much more attention than he has received, Randy Rose had a solid career and has gone under the radar and these two had a successful pair of runs as the Midnight Express. This seems like a can't-miss shoot interview. It certainly is enjoyable as Condrey is his usual self and Rose inserts some good comments and they cover some irregularly covered periods and places. Condrey really runs the show and if you've never heard him before, you've got to catch this one. Randy Rose, despite sounding remarkably like Shawn Michaels, is a good storyteller and when he gets rolling shows me that he'd be a worthwhile shoot interview as a solo. I've heard Condrey with a variety of different people and this was as good as any of those and even though he repeated a handful of stories (a couple which Cornette tells often as well), it was a fun piece of business.

The Bad
I get a kick out of this one because it was done during the same week as the Continental Shoot Series interview that Dennis Condrey did and that shoot was so much better than this one. Condrey is a great solo interview, but for some reason people always partner him up with people and it just is not as excellent. Randy Rose seems like he'd be very interesting on his own, but much like their tag team he seems to be playing second fiddle. One of my huge pet peeves of shoots is when people are put together and it detracts from the potential quality. Jim Cornette interviewing Dennis Condrey would rule the world, but this RF production was simply a letdown for what it should have been. There is also is the ever-present issue of poor research as the focus seems to shift away from this version of the team to the Condrey/Eaton incarnation unnecessarily and does dig deep enough into the team's first run.

The Rating: ****

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