Saturday, June 29, 2013

Timeline of the WWF - 1987 - Honky Tonk Man

The Good
The Honky Tonk Man is always a cut-up and this different venue does not detract from his ability to make you laugh. Whether he's ripping on road agents, the druggies backstage or the wacky things that he saw, he is always good for a laugh. Here, he talks about the build-up to Wrestlemania III, the fallout and the goings-on around that epic event. This was about 75% his own angles, matches and such, but you have to expect that. This was certainly funnier than the Don Muraco Timeline, but I'm not sure that it was better. If you prefer stories about Roddy Piper being insane, Jake Roberts' guitar-shot-induced drug problems or Adrian Adonis' fabulously expensive set to the intricacies of angles, changes in talent and development of the company, than you'll really prefer this.

The Bad
I like the Timeline concept and think it has great potential, but these are just going to be hit-or-miss it seems. Honky was not an office guy, so he lacks some significant perspective. Although he can share his thoughts on Tom Magee and why he flopped based on his experiences with him in Stampede, he cannot really explain why the WWF chose the Pontiac Silverdome as the site for Wrestlemania III. I almost think this series needs to have multiple people talking about multiple years, but I can realize the logistic problems there. This is the second one I've seen and it seemed to be enjoyable, but lacked the insight I was hoping for and that I felt Don Muraco provided more of in his contribution.

The Rating: ***3/4

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