Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sherri Martel [RF Video Shoot Interview]

The Good
Ladies in pro-wrestling have a different type of story that is tough to get at. While they are in the business and can become one of the boys (as Sherri Martel) did, they are separated, can be objectified and can get caught up in relationships that adversely effect their careers. Looking down the history, it is easy to find. Many of the early stars had relationships with Billy Wolfe (long-time promoter of lady wrestlers), Missy Hyatt went from one guy to another, Elizabeth was allegedly locked in closets and so on. Sherri Martel largely rose above all this. She was a very good talent that avoided getting in relationships with her peers, she avoided getting blackballed although she was never exactly one of Moolah's girls and she was never turned into eye candy only to be tossed away at the end of the month. In this interview, she was very candid that she was rebellious and let herself get caught up in the drinking and drug-using lifestyle that has become synonymous with pro-wrestling. Sadly, it is those dependencies that she was battling with up to her death.  Sherri is very honest and forthright in this interview, it really gets at women's wrestling and women's roles in wrestling in way no other shoot interview has (or at least none I've caught).

The Bad
A typical flaw of the RF Video Shoot formula is that they inexplicably leave out significant segments of a person's career. After her run with Ric Flair in 1994, it seems as if her career quickly fizzled out and she only came back to work a couple matches in 1999. However, she had a long run with Harlem Heat and a bizarre program with Colonel Parker (Robert Fuller) over the next few years that probably could have discussed some. That matched with Rob's typical ineptitude make this an unfortunate interview because Sherri was so honest and could have been challenged to push this interview to a height that I do not recall any female talent ever reaching. Although it was very good, it was disappointing because of how great it could have been.

The Rating: ****

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