Thursday, January 24, 2013

Face-Off 7: Terry Funk & Bob Backlund [RF Video Shoot Interview]

The Good
A good solid interview where two guys with genuine respect talk about the past. I've heard the Funker half a dozen times and have never heard Backlund, so part of me felt like this was lacking because so much of the focus was on Amarillo. They respect for one another played well though and it was totally different than Terry with Shane Douglas, Steve Corino or Mick Foley. These two were much more contemporaries and had this long history and careers that never overlapped other than that brief period in the mid-70s. I think this was a good combination, but you feel like there is a whole layer missing as well.

The Bad
Tandem interviews are so hit-or-miss and this one could probably be called either based on your preferences. Terry Funk is fascinating interview and I've enjoyed hearing him several times in different places and sometimes paired with people. Bob Backlund, whom I'd never heard in a shoot before, was about what I expected. This was a pretty low-key type of interview where they put each other over, they put their glory days over and buried the current product a bit as well. Although I found this enjoyable and interesting, it just seemed to be lacking in some way.

The Rating: ***1/2

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