Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ted Dibiase [x2 57Talk Shoot Interviews]

The Good
Gary Cubeta is really good at asking pointed questions and conducting straightforward interviews and he had several direct themes to this one. He wanted to talk about Mid-South, he wanted to talk about the birth of the "Million Dollar Man" and he wanted to get some perspective on the business, the world and faith from DiBiase. I would say he accomplished his goals. I think Cubeta definitely intended to have DiBiase on more, but as with some guests it didn't happen and as of February 2011, they are out-of-commission (again.) Anyway, this was decidedly different than other interviews that I've heard with DiBiase. He certainly talked a lot about fresh events (he had just pre-taped a segment with his son) and was wanting to talk about mostly the modern situation. There was a fair amount of defending the current product, the current situation (ie WWE dominance and lack of companies) and even Vince McMahon himself. I think these were genuine sentiments, although I can imagine some might interpret them otherwise. This had a lot of non-wrestling content that I found interesting.

The Bad
I can imagine many people finding shoot interviews that put over Jesus, Glenn Beck and Vince McMahon while burying Barack Obama, John McCain and Eric Bischoff to be off-putting. I have read that this was a rambling interview that was really hard to listen to, but that is largely up to your own taste. Yes, DiBiase went on some odd tangents. Yes, he seemed to have done a 360 from his staunch anti-WWF stance due to the "sex and violence" of the Attitude Era. Yes, he put his son over again and again. I generally like listening to Ted DiBiase and I enjoyed a good portion of this, but a lot of it was take-it-or-leave-it level content.

The Rating: ***

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