Friday, April 15, 2011

The Godfather (RF Video Shoot Interview) 

The Good
Someone who has worked off and on for the WWF/WWE for over a decade has to have some great perspective to share and Charles Wright certainly has that to share.  The biker bartender turned pro-wrestler, quickly found success in the business and was able to get several big pushes over the years despite a lack of great talent.  He admits to those limitations as well as never having taken pro-wrestling too seriously.  The Godfather character certainly reveals that fact.  "Big Silly" as he was nicknamed by some of his peers, enjoyed himself and viewed pro-wrestling more like the circus than like a sport.  This was a relaxed shoot that had a few funny moments, a few interesting comments and some opinions only The Godfather could have.  

The Bad
People who were not lifelong fans who were serious about the sport, their craft and their persona can sometimes be enjoyable shoots.  They don't put themselves over too much, they don't bury others and don't seem to bitter.  The downside is there usually is not much depth to their commentary.  The career of wacky gimmicks, unbelievable personalities and all the rest of it seems to get a tad mixed up in this.  RF's timelines, attention to detail and ability to conduct a "good" interview are all aspects in making this just another mediocre RF Video shoot.  Clearly the man himself was not the best interviewee, but he was alright and could probably deliver a much better interview with a better interviewer.

The Rating: ***1/2

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