Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vampiro [Highspots Shoot Interview]

The Good
Billy Jack Haynes, Jamie Dundee, Iron Sheik - what do all these people have in common? Despite the fact they had pretty successful careers despite screwing things up several times over, they have become known as some of the most entertaining shoot interviews because they may, in fact, be insane. Vampiro could easily fit in with that group. I've heard him do some interviews where he seemed a little goofy, but this one with Highspots is over-the-top. He is a walking contradiction. He both rambles and hits the points he wanted to make, he comes across as both bitter and satisfied with his career, he is both self-deprecating and self-promoting, he both buries and puts people over again and again, he states his goal is to both "just have fun" and be deadly serious about his craft and then he hates on workers and fans who take it too seriously. This interview is so impossibly strange that it must be seen or heard to be believed. There is some good stuff about his days in Mexico that if you can decipher them are worth catching.

The Bad
Vampiro is insane and it's hard to overly enjoy listening to a crazy person. This is train-wreck like material as his endless contradictions seems to totally undermine his credibility and sanity. I know there is always the issue with shoot interviews being done when talent is tired and sometimes under the influence, but this is beyond that. Vampiro is all over the place and part of him seems to understand that fact as he repeatedly questions the quality of this shoot interview. People might have a variety of interests when listening to this, but I can assure you that none of your questions or curiosities will be answered.

The Rating: ***1/4

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