Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Sunny" Tammy Sytch [RF Video Shoot 2006]

The Good
Never one to mince words or hold back on her opinions, Tammy Sytch delivers a stunning performance here as she reflects on the passing of her longtime partner in and out of the ring, Chris Candido, her relationship with Shawn Michaels and her adventures of the Independent circuit. Rob Feinstein clearly has a good relationship with Tammy and, as with others he has a friendship with, he is able to ask questions more directly and has some actual knowledge to share. They spend quite a bit of time talking about Puerto Rico (where RF has gone) and the pro-wrestling scene down there as well as the human depravity that both witnessed. Her deal with wrestlingvixxxens is addressed, which led to her friendship with Missy Hyatt ending (that and apparently Missy smoked crack, which Sytch despised). Her weight issues and health issues are addressed. Her issues with table bumps in XPW, fights over chairs with Low-Ki and all the other indy wackiness are peppered throughout. She goes into some interesting anecdotes about Triple H, Sable… that seem to allude to the fact that those people are not (or were not) very nice people. The real meat here though is two parts. One is the death of Chris Candido. They talk about his run in TNA, his leg breaking, his sudden and shocking death as well as how it and its aftermath effected Tammy. Although you'd expect it to be moving (and it is at times), her anger about his parents' dealings with her, TNA's failure to pay her (and instead sending her a ham!?) and how all of this might have been prevented if his caretakers had filed his discharge papers properly really takes the emotional sting out of this. The other notable part of this is the juicy tidbit of her actual 9-month romance with Shawn Michaels, which has never been put out their before. Her run as the "Kliq Chiq" (if that's the correct spelling) included a honeymoon-like vacation to Jamaica, an invitation to move into Michaels' new multi-million-dollar San Antonio home and the apparent blessing of Vince McMahon. She talks over it quickly and it is shocking because it take the rumors and pushes them to a new level. Her cheating on Chris with the WWF Champion is sudden transformed into her failing in love with and almost becoming the wife of Shawn Michaels! But alas, she worked things out with Chris and they came back together.

The Bad
I remember Tammy Sytch doing an interview on Live Audio Wrestling and seeming kind of nonchalant about Chris Candido's death and I would not go that far here, but one could certainly make a case that she was more angry than mournful. That could be up to your perception of the situation and her reaction, but this certainly is not the response that I expected. Since I've heard her interviews before and many comments about her from peers, I can understand why she could be perceived so negatively. The big question I have however is to the truth of the Shawn Michaels love story. While it seems hard to believe that she would have cooked up this story otherwise, it just seems odd that Kevin Nash, Scott Hall or even Shawn Michaels himself have never corroborated on this story. I suppose in Shawn's case, he was married and a father shortly after, so a fling like this, even though it was with another big star in the industry, just wouldn't be great marriage-building material for a book or a documentary or whatever. He doesn't put the story over, so his buddies don't either. They just reduce Tammy to a sh*t-sandwich-eating
floozy who slept around because, perhaps, she broke their buddy's heart.

The Rating: ****1/4

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