Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bob Orton Jr. [RF Video Shoot Interview]

The Good
A second-generation star who was a top-notch worker, worked all over and was a key player in the WWF's national expansion and now is the father to one of the WWE's top stars, few have had a career quite as successful as Bob Orton Jr. Here, he sits down with RF Video for about 100 minutes and goes through a virtual who's who of pro-wrestling. He talks about growing up in the business, his father's career and how he broke in rather quickly. Then they zip through the next ten years of his career and all the amazing characters, great personalities and talented workers that he rubbed shoulders with. Orton was really positive about most everyone and everywhere, which can be a nice change of pace from the often bitter shoots you hear from old-timers. If you watch Highspots preview of his "American Bad Ass" shoot, you can get a flavor of this, although this was not quite that great. Bob Orton's distinctive voice and cackle are pretty enjoyable, so that makes this at least a decent shoot.

The Bad
In this early RF Video shoot, Bob Orton Jr. delivers a really disappointing shoot interview. If you've seen the Highspots one, this is like a poor version as he watches his language, does not share his best stories, chooses to give many political answers and buries almost no one. Like the Jimmy Snuka shoot of infamy, he spends so much time saying this guy was a great guy, this guy seemed really nice or this guy was a helluva worker. Unfortunately, the questions bounce all over, there are the typical lack of knowledge issues and there is so much territory left uncovered. This might be worth a one-time watch, but it's a sad offering that lacks the depth, personality and intrigue you'd want out of an interview with a true legend like Bob Orton Jr.

The Rating: ***1/4

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