Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gary Hart [RF Video Shoot Interview]

The Good
This has everything and more. Gary Hart had a career that spanned from the Golden Age to the modern age, he was known for his effectiveness as a manager, his creative yet simple booking, his great eye for talent and pulls-no-punches attitude. He demonstrates all of these dimensions and convinces you of his greatness throughout this mere two and a half hour interview. In talking about managing, he explains how he was, in fact, a shoot manager who did not merely "pull legs and pass gimmicks for the office." This is the tip of the iceberg and I'd strongly recommend the "Art of Managing" interview he and Alfred Humperdink did with In talking about booking, he details his head booking runs in Dallas, Atlanta and influence in booking his men with various offices. He explains in great detail the various legendary angles and figures of World Class and how the stars were aligned to make that promotion take off. In discussing the talent he managed, Gary explains how he was successful at gaining trust, how he helped talent develop and how he successfully scouted talent time and time again. As for the more eyebrow-raising parts, Georgia promoter Fred Ward was a worthless "fat bastard," Jerry Jarrett was condescending and disrespectful to wrestlers, Paul Boesch was a great promoter but needed to be and was slapped around, Eddie Graham was an overrated and predictable booker, Sting was a self-absorbed and "arrogant ass" and on and on. Gary Hart was his opinions and free to share them and at no point do you believe he is being anything other than honest.

The Bad
I've said it before and I'll say it again, RF Video's interviewers (specifically Rob Feinstein himself) lack of interviewing skills prevents good interviews from being great and only has great interviews when the interviewee is great themselves. Gary Hart is great and although RF's bumbling and tirelessly linear questioning fails to help things, it cannot stop his greatness from shining through.

The Rating: *****

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