Sunday, December 5, 2010

Missing Link [Shoot Interview]

The Good
There have been few careers quite like that of Dewey Robertson aka The Missing Link. Here is a guy who was a classic cleanie for the first decade-plus of his career, he worked in the middle of the card and had a few shots near the top in Toronto, but lacked that something special to go to the next level. Then in an attempt to reinvent himself as a Mongolian, he was turned into the fur and makeup-wearing Missing Link who did not speak and worked a madman gimmick. Link hit new territories (WCCW, UWF and the WWF) and enjoyed success that he never had before. That story in and of itself is interesting. Then there is the story behind the scenes as the transformation happened, so did new addictions to alcohol, marijuana and steroids. The Link's amazing peak late in his career was followed by an incredible fall that left him a broken man. While that part of the story is not entirely unusual, it is intriguing through this bizarre character's eyes. Sadly, the Link was in his final years at this point as cancer (which he attributed to his substance abuse) took his life.

The Bad
If his ghost writer had not been sitting with him, this interview would have been riddled with mistakes and some key parts left out. Even with that editorial presence, Dewey Robertson says a great number of things that will make you scratch your head. Some of his claims seem astonishing such as him being a dark horse for an NWA title run in the 1970s, putting over Ken Mantell as the real genius of Mid-South and World Class (he certainly had a role, but he's never been labeled a great booker by his peers) and claiming that the whole WWE roster is now using and abusing steroids. Robertson is an interesting fellow and his life story is amazing, but he certainly has some warped perspectives and memories.

The Rating: ***

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