Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tributes: Remembering Some of the World's Greatest Wrestlers

Author, Ghost Writer, Editor: Dave Meltzer
Publisher: Winding Stair Press
Released: 10/01

The Good
An excellent look at a handful of deceased wrestlers that are edited and somewhat shortened versions of his WON obits. This is Dave Meltzer's strong suit because he knows things, understands things and is good at explaining things. You get a number of people from the 1950s through modern times.  I would think that even the casual fan could enjoy this as I know a couple who've read it and enjoyed it.  Meltzer is great at digging up anecdotes and putting a person's legacy into a proper perspective.  An enjoyable read from pro-wrestling's preeminent journalist and critic.

The Bad
Obviously there are a few off-facts (from what I've heard, but none stood out to me). The stories are kind of condensed and some might not like that. I really can't point much fault at this, it is what is and probably the best non-autobiographical wrestling book there is.  I know a lot of people knock Dave's writing and this is much more cleaned up than the run-on sentences laded grammatical errors, but it still has that Meltzer feel.  If you do not like WON, than perhaps you might not like this.

The Rating: *****


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