Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bill DeMott [RF Video Shoot Interview]

The Good
Bill DeMott had an unusual career as a long-time overseas foreigner turned WCW midcarder who worked his way up that ladder, failed to do so in the WWF, but found a niche as a trainer. His journey is a great little story in a way. I found his reflections on working Puerto Rico and Japan to be interesting as they were largely positive, despite the infamy associated with both (in Japan, he worked for the tiny, short-lived W*ings garbage group). He was pretty matter of fact about his less-than-stellar years as Hugh Morrus is WCW. Although he achieved remarkable success later on, DeMott's rollercoaster career seems to largely be on the mid-level of the card. When he eventually gets to the Invasion angle, he grows more upset. While he seems to understand and is able to explain the shortcomings of the feud, he clearly lost a chance to get a good slot in the WWF. Instead, his career pattered off and ended. Then came Tough Enough 3. Bill DeMott is clearly passionate about working with youngsters, developing talent and creating a learning environment for aspiring WWF/WWE superstars. As a key trainer in Deep South Wrestling, WWE's short-lived secondary development territory, DeMott was able to help people like The Miz, MVP and a handful of other young talent that are climbing the WWE ladder now. He still seems embittered by the sudden closing of DSW and wants to be involved in the business, but has few options now.

The Bad
When I original got my hands on this, I thought it was the Highspots shoot that looked like (according to the trailer) the raging promo of a bitter cast-off. It was not that. Although, that Highspots shoot wasn't necessarily that either. Bill DeMott is clearly angry, or at the least disappointed, in a number of people. He seems frustrated that as he was peaking in WCW, he was dealt a tough hand with the company dying and his role did not work out in the WWF. Bill DeMott seems at peace with some of the unfortunate events of his career and even admits that he was a bit over-the-top in the aforementioned shoot interview. While those bitter and angry shoot interviews are not always the most palpable, they can be pretty bland if you expect that and do not get it.

The Rating: ***1/4

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