Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lanny Poffo [RF Video Shoot Interview]

The Good
I remember hearing a little about this interview with Lanny Poffo before listening to it. It was described as one of the best RF Shoots and I think I can agree with that. Lanny Poffo is a fantastic talker. He is eloquent, he is sincere and he has that great cadence to his voice. This is unlike any other shoot interview because Lanny is just a unique personality and he makes many of his peers seem strikingly redundant. How can you not be taken aback when a pro-wrestler is quoting Thomas Jefferson, the Gospel of Matthew and Tigger!? Lanny Poffo might not have had the type of career that makes him a "legend," but he is second-generation, brother to one of the biggest stars ever and worked in many companies with many big names. While he pulls no punches when burying people like Ole Anderson, Rick Rude and the Von Erichs, he also can give them their due. In the same token, he puts over Ric Flair, Grizzly Smith and Curt Hennig, but is able to explain their flaws as well. While I do not always agree with his viewpoints, he is certainly one who believes in them and himself and you cannot fault him for that.

The Bad
I suppose some people would find Lanny Poffo's interviewing style off-putting. He is not your typical pro-wrestler in terms of using salty language, coming across as bitter and such. He has a very distinct way of talking and explaining situations, which I'm sure some people would find obnoxious. The only knock I could make is that he gets sidetracked frequently, but luckily nothing seems to be left out. If you don't like it when interviewees go off on rants about anyone and everyone, then you might want to avoid this one. However, Lanny explains the difference between "objective" and "subjective," I realize that my view of this is "subjective" and I deem it to be amongst the best of the best.

The Rating: *****

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