Monday, September 13, 2010

Face Off 8 - Midnight Madness - Raven & Jim Mitchell

The Good

Another RF Video Face-Off starring Raven. This time he is joined by Jim Mitchell and the two of them have just returned from the late Chris Kanyon's wake. Obviously, they spend plenty of time recollecting their memories of Kanyon, his coming out, his battles with depression and his generosity. It is a nice little tribute in that way. Then, they get off onto promos, psychology and the current product. It is hit-or-miss in those parts. I think if you generally like listening to Raven, were an ECW fan or whatever, you can enjoy this for sure. These two have distinct personalities and in all their tales of debauchery and such, there is a friendship here that comes out. A fun little FaceOff, although maybe not the best.

The Bad
Raven, who I love listening to, seems to be off a bit and while he and "Vandy" have some chemistry, this does not work like previous Raven FaceOffs. Mitchell, while a great promo and an interesting fellow, is totally all over the page here. This seems like two guys chatting and it is such disorganized stream of consciousness discussion that it can hardly be considered a shoot interview. I guess Rob can just throw in a few questions, offer up some chocolate wine and pizza along with how much ever money and we'll get an interesting shoot. For what I expected, this was grossly disappointing.

The Rating: ***1/2

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