Saturday, April 17, 2010

Art of Managing with Gary Hart & Sir Oliver Humperdink

The Good
Gary Hart was one of the greatest shoot interviews ever and I've never heard him do anything that was not excellent. Sir Oliver Humperdink, in stark contrast to his on-screen character, is pretty low-key and uncontroversial, but insightful nonetheless. Mark Nulty is generally a meticulous researcher and interviewer and this is perhaps his best effort yet. What makes a great manager? How do you get talent over? How do you get the right heat? How do you cut a "money promo"? And so on and so on, Mark Nulty puts together an orderly and provocative interview. Gary Hart carries the day here (as one would expect) and even throws a couple jabs at John Nord, Jim Ross (I think?!) and "The" Sting. Humperdink is excellent as well and cuts a great lil' impromptu promo on Dusty Rhodes. This is just great stuff and what I think Kayfabe Commentaries is largely geared toward.

The Bad
I'm sure plenty of people might find this boring. It is in-depth, thorough and not particular controversial in its commentary. While one could find this dull that is largely a matter of opinion. I personally found this riveting and cannot say much negative about it.

The Rating: *****

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