Sunday, March 7, 2010

Have a Nice Day (audiobook)

Author, Ghost Writer, Editor: Mick Foley
Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers
Released: 10/00 

The Good
Audiobooks are fun, especially with the right narrator and omissions. This had Mick Foley telling his book and it added to some of the stories a great deal. It was brief and a worthwhile listen. I think the anecdotes had a lot of personality and the impressions of Dominic Denucci and Terry Funk were really funny. This really can't be fairly compared to the book, which an opus, but perhaps to shoot interviews. It was enjoyable.

The Bad
"How do you really condense it all into this?" I kept wondering. One of the best pro-wrestling books and inarguably the most trendsetting, Have a Nice Day! being retold in such an abridged way takes a lot of the heart out of it, but thankfully leaves some of the humor. You must read the book.

The Rating: **1/4

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