Monday, February 22, 2010

Top 100 Pro-Wrestlers of All-Time

Author, Ghost Writer, Editor: John F. Molinero; Jeff Marek, Dave Meltzer
Publisher: Winding Stair Press
Released: 12/02

The Good
A fun read that is pretty accurate and fair to people's legacies. It tries not to be negative, for better or for worse. Molinero and his editors know their wrestling and the fact they push some of the people as high as they do is probably alarming to some, but I think after a single reading anyone would be sold on anyone of the questionable wrestlers. That is a difficult task. Some wrestlers are romanticized to an extent and some are not and either makes for an interesting read. It's pretty straightforward and if you don't learn something I'd be surpised.

The Bad
As one would expect there is so wrong with this list. The three guys that made it are very knowledge, but they're fallible in their selection as anyone would be. They do acknowledge that at least, but it doesn't dismiss them. Dave himself thinks the first 75 are strong, but the last leg is here & there. Certain minorities are groups are ignored, namely Japanese women (Chigusa is 45!), Europeans (there are only like 5 native borns) and one could make cases for Japanese and Mexican wrestlers as well and not to mention countries that no one knows a lot about (India's Dara Singh is kind of the exception), but everywhere from Puerto Rico to Australia is overlooked to a degree. I could go on forever about all the flaws of this list, but the fact is it's an impossible task. Other than that it has a few inaccurate pictures, which never looks good, but they're not ones that most people would notice.

The Rating: ****1/4

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