Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shawn Stasiak [club wwi shoot interview]

The Good
Shawn Stasiak has a reputation of being a little out there and while that does come across a bit here, he certainly seems well-spoken and one has to buy into the ability, marketability and potential that he had.  He has reached a place in his personal life where he's not angry and bitter, but certainly feels that he was misused throughout his career.  One has a hard time in not being convinced by his arguments.  Regardless of how one views his opinions, Shawn Stasiak is a long-winded talker and if you like to listen to him go on, then this is just great.  He has some unique perspectives and interesting stories that he shares and overall makes this a strong interview.

The Bad

Part of you buys into the Shawn Stasiak story.  He was the second generation son of a WWWF Champion, he was an exceptional collegiate athlete, he did look like a star, but something always seemed amiss.  While you'd never get that from listening here, Shawn Stasiak simply never delivered the goods in the ring the way he needed to and that is ultimately why he never cracked through the midcard.  He talks about his background, but you'd really like to hear more about Stan "the Man" (my suspicion is that Stan's later days were very sad ones as he became a broken-down alcoholic from most accounts), but Shawn gets into his own experiences.  I could totally under someone thinking this is boring and wholly uninteresting.

The Rating: ***1/4

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