Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nick Bockwinkel Shoot Interview [Smart Mark Video]

The Good
It would be an exaggeration if I said the interviewer here was top-notch, but he had clearly done his homework and simply gave Nick Bockwinkel softballs to lob out of the park again and again.  "Slick" Nick is one of my favorite promos of all-time and his eloquence and his personality both shine here.  He is not the arrogant braggart of AWA fame, he is instead humble and honest.  Very rarely do I find excuses to get away so I can listen to more of a shoot interview, but this was truly one of the greats.  Bockwinkel has seen so much and done so much that to capture it all in three hours seems like a lofty goal, but so much ground is covered, so many great tales are told and so much wisdom is shared that one cannot feel cheated by this.  From his failed college football career and early days in LA to his experiences in Hawaii, Georgia and, of course, the AWA, Bockwinkel details so much and makes it all fascinating and often funny.  Only people like Bobby Heenan, Gary Hart and Bill Watts have done enough interviews that have been able to show other sides to revered legends, which is always a treat in quality shoot interviews.  Whether he's putting over Red Bastien, Jim Barnett or some other under-appreciated name from yesteryear or giving honest criticisms of Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen or Bill Watts, Nick Bockwinkel does not come across as a politician, a blow-hard or a bitter old man.  You, as they say, want all of this!

The Bad
My version had pretty crummy audio quality, which is always a bummer, but it was not unbearable like some other shoot interviews I've heard.  While most of Nick Bockwinkel's career was covered, his run with the WWF was not.  The questioning was really probing, but it was better prepared and organized than a typical RF Video shoot.  I received SMV's Missy Hyatt shoot as a gift and figured SMV shoots were nothing special, but this proved me way wrong.

The Rating: *****

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